Roadmap for health sovereignty
14 Oct 2021

Roadmap for health sovereignty

The provision of care for African populations has been greatly developed over the past decade. At the same time, the fight against the major endemics has made it possible to mobilize external funds, and the coronavirus has been a new trigger for new thinking, reshuffling the cards of priorities on the continent and putting on the agenda the need for sovereignty in health.
In Africa, life expectancy is still below the global average. This can be explained specifically by underinvestment in the health sector, but also by a lack of human resources, drug shortages and high service costs. These are all obstacles that force some Africans to seek treatment abroad that they cannot find in their country. A reliable and resilient health system is therefore proving to be an essential element for the development of the continent.
The consolidation of health systems, which are little funded by the States, therefore requires not only an improvement in the capacity to invest in this sector, but also the development of targeted partnerships or the encouragement of e-health initiatives which are multiplying on the continent. These various lines of thought lead us to compare the points of view in order to consider different solutions that would meet the structural needs of health ecosystems in Africa and thus make this sector a real lever for sustainable growth for decades to come.

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