How to structure the African cultural industries?
19 Oct 2021

How to structure the African cultural industries?

The African continent has a unique cultural wealth that opens up many opportunities for the entertainment sector. Although it constitutes a considerable economic and societal lever, the cultural industries sector is still in its earliest stages on the continent. The actors at the forefront of this transformation lack the tools and information to fully seize the potential of this sector. Moreover, the markets remain too unstructured, as cultural goods are often distributed through the informal economy.

The realization of this potential will depend on the capacity of the cultural industries in African countries to produce, distribute and diffuse works that correspond to the expectations and identity of their audiences. Cultural policies are also an essential tool to ensure a fair redistribution of income throughout the value chain.

The objective of this session will be to compare the views of cultural industry players on the structuring of the ecosystem. The aim being to accompany the development of a sector that is central to the continent’s growth.

Our speakers: