Exclusive interview of Pascal Lorot, President of Choiseul Africa
21 Feb 2024

« Building an industrial foundation and ensuring that the numerous natural resources of the continent are processed, produced, and transformed locally for the benefit of the population, as well as for the export flow from Africa to the rest of the world, are key factors in generating wealth and employment in Africa.” Pascal Lorot, President of […]

Exclusive interview of Johanne Ackah
07 Feb 2024

“The African continent has some weighty issues to focus on, notably food sovereignty, industrial sovereignty to limit its dependence on the West, financial sovereignty too because we’ve seen a gradual withdrawal from Western banking institutions in favor of pan-African institutions.” Johanne ACKAH, General Secretary of GROUPE AVOS 🇨🇮 explains that today’s world context needs to […]

Exclusive interview of Mia Lahlou-Filali
31 Jan 2024

“Africa is the world’s largest economic trading area and an extraordinary opportunity especially considering what is happening elsewhere. Africa is also a very young continent, with a dynamic population that will be able to take the lead. So, this is a vector of, let’s say, sustainable development and something to consider, especially from the perspective […]

Exclusive interview of Sangu Delle
24 Jan 2024

“I keep saying that our greatest resource is not just the incredible mineral wealth that God has given us; our greatest wealth lies in our human capital, our brains. And you see, Africans are among the most successful people in the rest of the world.” Dr. Sangu Delle, Chief Executive Officer of CarePoint and Golden […]

Exclusive interview of Ghislaine Samake
16 Jan 2024

“The opportunities are incredible. The African continent, it’s really the place to be. And today, for the beneficiaries or for the investors to benefit from it, you first need to know the market, establish local partnership, adopt innovation and especially have a strategy focused on sustainability.” Ghislaine SAMAKE, CEO of Ecobank Guinea-Bissau, shares her views […]

Exclusive interview of Paul Tasong
10 Jan 2024

“The international financial architecture can’t adequately respond to the development of the world as a whole, and Africa in particular. Choiseul, by choosing this topic of economic sovereignty of the continent, seems to provide an opportunity for us to hold a conversation on how to change the narratives and reorientate how it all pans out.” […]

Press Release : Casablanca will host the 4th Choiseul Africa Business Forum on November 16 and 17, 2023 on the theme of African economic sovereignty
07 Nov 2023

The fourth edition of the Choiseul Africa Business Forum will be held on November 16 and 17, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Casablanca Hotel in Morocco, and will focus on sharing experiences and deciphering trends in the African economic landscape. Organized by Choiseul Africa, in partnership with the Casablanca-Settat Region and the Confédération Générale des […]

Press Release : Launch of the 3rd edition of the Choiseul Africa Business Forum, a must-attend event for the business community in Africa
20 Sep 2022

Dedicated to sharing experiences and deciphering the trends at work in the African business world, the Choiseul Africa Business Forum will be held on October 19th and 20th in Casablanca, Morocco. This 3rd edition organized by the Institut Choiseul, in partnership with the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) and the Casablanca-Settat Region, will bring […]

The private sector, driver of the african energy transition
26 Oct 2021

Green energy is a key step towards achieving carbon neutrality in line with the goals set by African states. It will help ensure better access to electricity for the entire population of the continent. The renewable energy market is already particularly dynamic in Africa, benefiting from an increasingly pronounced decrease in its costs. Energy transition […]