General terms and conditions of sales

The Choiseul Africa Business Forum is held by Institut Choiseul, a non-profit organization (French Law 1901), registered W751141284 at the national repertoire of non-profit organizations.
Its head office is located at 12 rue Auber, 75009, Paris, France.
Institut Choiseul is represented by Pascal Lorot, Chairman of the Board.

You can email Institut Choiseul via the website’s “contact” tab, and clicking on the contact form.
These general terms and conditions of sales are drawn up for the Choiseul Africa Business Forum event between the participant, whether an individual or a company, referred to hereafter as “the Buyer” or “the Participant” and Institut Choiseul, as event organizer, hereafter referred to as “the Organizer”, or “the Institut”.
By confirming their order, the Participant unreservedly accepts the general terms and conditions of sales as they are laid out hereafter.
The Organizer reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions of sales at any given time by publishing a new version on the website. The general terms and conditions of sales in effect at the time of confirmation apply.


Article 1: Contract Object
The Choiseul Africa Business Forum is an international business forum primarily targeting African and French business leaders (presidents, CEOs, general managers) from all private sectors, as well as financial and institutional actors.
This forum will be held in Casablanca, Morocco in November 2023, on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th.
The purpose of this contract, drawn up between the Institut and the Participant, is to determine the relations between the parties concerned by the event.


Article 2: Preorder and availability
Pre-ordering through is confirmed subject to availability.


Article 3: Booking fees
The booking fee owed by the Participant to the Institut is indicated on the pre-order ticket. It is owed in full, and in any case, before the event begins.
If the fee has not been paid at the Choiseul Africa Business Forum opening, the Institut reserves the
right to refuse access to the conferences, for lack of immediate payment in full.
The booking fee grants the Buyer access to all conferences, complete documentation about the forum, refreshments, two lunches and a gala dinner.
The fees exclude tax and are deemed final at the time of their publication.
However, the Institut reserves the right to modify them at any given time, without it affecting the previously confirmed orders.


Article 4: Payment and security
In proceeding with payment, these means of payment are valid: “Carte Bleue”, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer on Institut Choiseul’s Stripe account.
If payment is made through a payment card, the transaction immediately follows the Client’s bank debit authorization, after the Client’s card and information are confirmed.
In accordance with article L132-2 of the French Monetary and Financial Code, committing to a payment with a payment card is irrevocable. By communicating the information relative to their paying card, the Client allows the Institut to debit the all-inclusive price from their paying card.
To that end, the Client confirms they own the payment card to be debited and that the name found on the payment card is indeed theirs.
The payment is made through secure payment, using a data encrypting procedure preventing the information from being intercepted by another party.
The Institut shan’t be held accountable for any fraudulent use of a means of payment.
No order will be carried out without full payment at this date.
The Buyer will be given an invoice upon simple request.


Article 5: Order confirmation
The order is definite upon receiving an email confirming its validation. This order is subject to the payment of the fees mentioned hereabove.
As a consequence, please consult your email account and pay the fee without delay.


Article 6: General terms and conditions of sales framework
These general terms and conditions of sales apply ipso jure to all sale of these products:
– Booking the Choiseul Africa Business Forum
The sale is deemed complete at the date the Seller accepts the order.
Before this date, and in application of the provisions of articles L112-1, L112-2 and L141-1 of the French Consumer Code, these general terms and conditions of sales are available to all buyers for informational purposes.
The order requires adhering unreservedly to these general terms and conditions of sales as they prevail over all other conditions, except those expressly agreed upon by the Seller.


Article 7: Withdrawal period
In accordance with article L121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code, the Participant has the right to withdraw within fourteen (14) calendar days after the order confirmation, without having to present justification. If this period ends on a Saturday, Sunday, or on a public holiday, it shall be extended to the next working day.

This right shall cease fourteen (14) calendar days before the Choiseul Africa Business Forum begins.

Any participant wishing to exercise this right shall write with acknowledgment of receipt within the legal period mentioned hereabove, by stating their name, surnames, postal address, email address, a copy of their identity card as well as their bank details to: Institut Choiseul, 12 rue auber, 75009, Paris, France.


Article 8: Participation cancellation
This Institut shall offer no refunds in case of a cancellation, whatever the reason. A participant may be represented by an economic, financial or institutional actor of similar hierarchic level, subject to express agreement by the Institut, that should be informed of the situation as soon as possible.

In compliance with article L313-6-2 of the French Criminal Code, “The act of repeatedly selling, offering or displaying for sale or transfer, or offering for sale or transfer access passes to a sport, cultural, commercial or performance arts show, without the agreement of the producer, organizer or owner to the show’s exploitation rights is punishable by a 15,000€ fine. This sentence is extended to 30,000€ in case of a repeated offence”. According to the law mentioned hereabove, an access pass is understood to be “any ticket, document, message or code, whatever their form or medium, attesting that the rights to attend the show were bought from the producer, organizer or owner to the show’s exploitation rights”.

No request shall be accepted if they occur less than twenty (20) days prior to the beginning of the Choiseul Africa Business Forum.


Article 9: Journey and stay
The participants to the Choiseul Africa Business Forum handle the cost of their journey and stay. A list of partner hotels may be available to them upon order.

The indicated fares are subject to availability.


Article 10: Visa regulation
The Choiseul Africa Business Forum is held in Casablanca, Morocco.

The participants whose country of citizenship is subject to visa requirements shall contact their consular authorities so that a visa for France be delivered to them. This procedure will be carried out and paid by the Participant.

A short-stay visa enables visitors to enter the French territory and stay there for a maximum of three (3) months. It enables one short stay or several consecutive short stays.

A visa must be requested as soon as three (3) months before the desired date of entry on the territory, and no later than fifteen (15) days before that same date. It is advisable that you request your visa two (2) months in advance, as the procedure can take that amount of time in certain cases.

For more information about your visa procedure, visit the official visa website for France:

Should your procedure require one, the Institut shall provide you with an official letter confirming your participation at the Choiseul Africa Business Forum. Considering the time limit to obtain a visa, no such request shall be fulfilled after November 5th, 2022.


Article 11: Personal data protection
In accordance with the Law of January 6th, 1978 regarding computer science, files and freedom, the information and personal data shared during your subscription shan’t be accessible to users other than the Institut. However, they are necessary to process your order and to our commercial relations. The Institut will use them to ensure the Choiseul Africa Business Forum smooth progress and for potential future communications regarding other events.
Personal data is also used by the Institut to customize its relationship with the participants.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, you may use your rights (access, rectify, delete, object, restrict, and rights of data portability where necessary) via the website contact form or write to Institut Choiseul, at this address: Institut Choiseul, 12 rue Auber, 75009 Paris, France.

So that we may process your request, please indicate your name, surname, postal and email address.
Access requests shall also come with a photocopy of your identity card to confirm your identity and mention the postal address where the answer is expected. The answer shall come within one (1) month after the request is received.


Article 12: Image rights and intellectual property
The use of cameras and recording devices during the Choiseul Africa Business Forum is under strict rule. The Institut reserves the right to authorize recordings of the conferences and their diffusion outside the forum, especially on its social media, website, or showcase them in its different magazine publications, including covers. By booking the Choiseul Africa Business Forum, you are expressly agreeing to be interviewed, filmed or photographed in this professional context and you authorize the Institut to use these elements for commercial or advertisement purposes in the entire French territory as well as other land territories for a duration of twenty (20) years.

The rights to the photographs, phonograms and video recordings taken during the Choiseul Africa Business Forum are the exclusive property of the Institut. The speakers’ allocations, the documents distributed and offered during the Choiseul Africa Business Forum are deemed original and thus copyright protected in accordance with articles L111-1 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code. All reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of an element of the website, whether it be in its entirety or in part, by any means, is forbidden, except in the event of a prior written agreement issued by Institut Choiseul. The Participant shall be held accountable if unauthorized use were to be made of these elements. A breach of this provision shall be considered counterfeit and sued in accordance with the provisions stated by articles L335-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code.

The views expressed at the Choiseul Africa Business Forum are the speakers’. It is the participants’ responsibility to check their relevance or accuracy. The Institut shall not be held accountable for these views.

The Institut’s brand, as well as all other brands, figurative or not, and more generally, all brands, illustrations, images and logos showcased on the Institut’s Goods, accessories and their packaging, whether they are registered or not, are and shall remain the exclusive property of the Institut. All reproduction, complete or partial, modification or use of these brands, illustrations, images and logos, for whatever reason, and on whatever medium, without the express previous agreement of the Institut, is strictly forbidden. The same rule applies to any combination or conjunction with any other brand, symbol, logo and more generally, all distinctive sign used to make a composite logo. The same rule applies to all copyright, drawing, model and patent belonging to the Institut.


Article 13: Data privacy
Please note that some information is mandatory and necessary to your request being processed. Failing to fill a mandatory box may compromise following-up on your file. We shall process or use your data only to the extent that it is necessary to contact you, ensure your requests are being dealt with, create and manage your user profile, create and manage your access to our online services or in the event of a statistical study.

We will keep your personal data as long as necessary until our service is complete, unless:
– You exercise your right to have your data deleted, in compliance with the conditions listed hereafter;
– A longer conservation period is authorized or imposed on us due to a legal provision.

During that time, we shall use all necessary means to ensure the privacy and safety of your personal data and prevent them from being damaged, deleted or accessed to by an unauthorized party.
Accessing your personal data is strictly limited to our staff, and, where necessary, our subcontractors.

These subcontractors have an obligation to privacy and shall only use your data in accordance with our contractual provisions and the current legislation.

Outside of the cases cited hereabove, we commit to refrain from selling, renting, transfering, or giving access to your data to other parties without your previously expressed consent, unless we are forced to do so for legitimate reasons (legal obligation, combating fraud or abuse, exercise of the rights of defence, etc.).

In accordance with the law “Computer science and freedom” of January 6th, 1978, amended by the European regulation n°2016/679/UE of April 27th, 2016 (applicable since May, 25th, 2018), you have the rights to access, rectify, delete your data, limit their processing and rights to data portability. You may oppose the processing of the data that concerns yourself, provided you have legitimate reasons.

You may, provided you present a valid justification of identity, exercise your rights by contacting [Name and coordinates of the adequate department, and where necessary, of the DOP].

If you do not wish to receive our news, offers (by phone, text messages, postal or electronic mail) and invitations, you may inform us so by using the dedicated link, by contacting us to modify your preferences, following the steps described hereabove, or where it applies, by modifying your online profile preferences. The same applies if you do not wish to receive news, invitations or promotion offers from our partners.

For any additional information or complaint, you can contact the National Commission for Computer Science and Freedom (more information on


Article 14: Responsibility framework
(Act of God)
If, for whatever reason, the Institut were forced to alter the Choiseul Africa Business Forum planning, it shan’t be held accountable for the cancelling charges that may result for the participants.

If, for reasons beyond its control, the Institut were obligated to significantly change the nature and quality of the Choiseul Africa Business Forum, for instance, if speakers or venues became unavailable, or should the event be cancelled due to an act of terrorism, to an epidemic outbreak leading to quarantine measures or travelling restrictions, to a strike or a natural disaster, Institut Choiseul shall endeavour to reprogram the event to a later date, in accordance with standard practice. This document is, by explicit agreement, a best effort’s clause.

By agreeing to these general terms and conditions of sales, you exempt Institut Choiseul from all responsibility with regards to cancelling charges, including the administrative tax that may befall participants.


Article 15: Participants duties
Institut Choiseul reserves the right to forbid access to the Choiseul Africa Business Forum to any participant whose behaviour would disturb its unfolding. The Institut decides which type of behaviour might prompt such a decision. This may apply to: individuals presenting a safety hazard, individuals who disrupt the conferences by their excessive noises or clothing, or individuals failing to comply with these general terms and conditions of sales.

You are responsible for all the data you directly enter into the website.
By booking the Choiseul Africa Business Forum, you hereby accept to follow the instructions given by Institut Choiseul or the conference venue manager as to ensure comfort to all participants.


Article 16: Amicable settlement of disputes
In accordance with article L612-1 of the Consumer Code: ‘Every consumer has the right to resort to a free consumer mediator to obtain an amicable settlement of their dispute with a professional.’
The disputes concerned by article L612-1 of the Consumer Code are defined in article L611-1 of the Consumer Code, namely contractual disputes focusing on the execution of a sales or services contract, opposing a consumer to a professional. The text covers national and cross-borders disputes.
If you face any difficulty, please contact us in advance:
[Identity of the contracting party]
[Identity of the person in charge of handling requests]:
[Contracting party’s coordinates] [Contracting party’s email address]


Article 17 : Governing law and competent jurisdiction
These general terms and conditions of sales are subject to French law. Exclusive jurisdiction is given to French courts of law.

All dispute resulting from the drawing up, interpretation or execution of this Contract shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Paris courts of law, notwithstanding the number of defenders or introduction of third parties.


Article 18: Notification
All notifications mandated by this Contract will be considered completed provided they are placed via a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt at this address: Institut Choiseul, 12 rue Auber, 75009, Paris, France.