The Choiseul Africa Business Forum

Dedicated to the development of business opportunities in Africa and with Africa, the Choiseul Africa Business Forum brings together nearly 600 decision-makers and senior economic leaders among the most influential of Africa and Europe.

A true example of cross-fertilization, this major investment forum aims to provide keys to understanding the sectors that strongly contribute to African growth, whilst at the same time bringing together in an interactive way decision-makers present in Africa to develop a collective intelligence and contribute to the opening of new partnership opportunities with the continent.

Reasons to participate to the Choiseul Africa Business Forum

A wide range of topics
Two days of debates and informal meetings in order to conquer all the fields of value creation in Africa and to develop structuring partnerships.
The benefits of a club at the service of efficient networking
The Choiseul Africa Business Forum is a place of interactive encounters aiming at building synergies between its participants, especially the Choiseul Africa network, a unique community bringing together the most talented young economic leaders of their generation.
Participants from over 50 countries
The second edition of the Choiseul Africa Business Forum brought together close to 600 African and European economic leaders in a club spirit around 20 operational workshops and 100 speakers selected with care for their expertise.

The key moments of the first edition

CABF 2021 in pictures

Discover some speakers of the 2021 edition

Mehdi TAZI
General Vice-President, General Confederation of Moroccan Companies
Jean-Marie ACKAH
President, General Confederation of Ivory Coast Companies
Ivory Coast

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Ousmane Mamadou KANE
Minister of Economic Affairs and Promotion of Production Sectors

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Samuel D. TWEAH JR.
Minister of Finance and Development Planning
Chairman, Algerian Confederation of Citizen Employers

Partners of the 2021 edition