Key points of the programme

Leadership sessions

Animated by several ambassadors of African excellence which are continental references, these sessions provide a unique insight on the leadership issues and on women’s place in the African business world.

Key success

Sessions giving the floor to women and men presenting their exceptional career paths which offer us a rare diversity of points of view. A dive into the heart of the African business life which help us understand the different facets of the African business life.

Meet the Government

In a context of attractiveness programs deployment on the whole continent, these privileged spaces of exchange with members of African governments will present the economic perspectives and the investment opportunities in their country.

Choiseul Philanthropy Awards

A prize that rewards entrepreneurs as well as African and international foundations contributing to the development and the economic rise of the continent and to the reach of the African private sector.

Working Sessions

These operational working sessions aim to exchange on value provider topics with the ambition of leading to business contacts in the economic sectors at the heart of the African growth.

Private Sectors meeting

An exclusive space of exchange and mutual enrichment between representatives of African and European employers’ associations aiming at bringing together the private sectors from both continents and leading to structuring partnerships for Africa.

Choiseul Africa Ecobarometer

The conclusions of the Choiseul Africa Ecobarometer, study conducted for the occasion which provide insight on the perception of Africa by international investors, will be revealed during this session. It offers a fine analysis of financial dynamics in Africa and the crucial issue of the continent’s growth financing.