Panel introduction:
• Andry Rajoelina (Madagascar), President of the Republic of Madagascar
•Hasnaine Yavarhoussen (Madagascar),Chief Executive Officer, Filatex Group


Moderator: Mohamed El Dahshan (Egypt), Senior Economic Advisor, Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen (OSESGY)

First part: Economy
• Amine Bouabid (Morocco),Chief Executive Officer, Groupe Bank of Africa
• Christophe Dabezies (Madagascar), Founder & President, Rova Caviar Madagascar
• Joël Randriamandranto (Madagascar), Minister of Tourism, Government of the Republic of Madagascar
• Valérie Zafindravaka (Madagascar), Executive Secretary, Fihariana

Second part: “Made in Madagascar"
• Ranto Andriambololona (Madagascar),Chief Executive Officer, Hairun Technology
• Shahim Ismaël (Madagascar), Managing Director, Inviso Group
• Zdenek Metelak (Czech Republic),Managing Director, Société Générale Madagascar
• Josielle Rafidy (Madagascar), Executive Director, Economic Development Board of Madagascar
• Vololomanitra Rakotondralambo (Madagascar), Director of Audit Control and Compliance, Filatex Group

With its geostrategic position at the crossroads of the Indian Ocean maritime routes, offering direct maritime access to the Arabian Peninsula, East Africa and Asia, Madagascar has a strong diversity of mineral resources (precious stones, nickel, cobalt and petroleum) as well as a strong agricultural potential. Thanks to its attractive climate and landscapes, Madagascar has been able to foster its tourism as well in the Malagasy economy.

The Malagasy government has launched numerous initiatives to promote the country’s industrialization, particularly regarding staple products, agricultural development, and food sovereignty. Working on the attractiveness of foreign investment tends to be a key solution as well, since it represents a real growth lever capable of curbing the economic shock linked to the coronavirus pandemic and climate change.

The “Invest in Madagascar" session will bring together high-level personalities who will present these issues. It will be articulated in two panels: the first dedicated to “made in Madagascar" and the second to the presentation of business opportunities offered by the country.