About the Forum 2019

The Ivory Coast in the spotlight

The Ivory Coast was in the spotlight for this first edition of the Choiseul Africa Business Forum. Mr. Esmel Emmanuel Essis, Secretary of State of the Ivory Coast in charge of the Promotion of Private Investment, spoke at the opening ceremony of this forum and also took part in a roundtable dedicated to the Ivory Coast. 

Women’s leadership:
when women reach new heights

Women’s leadership was at the heart of the Choiseul Africa Business Forum. A roundtable was dedicated to the initiative of women on the African continent, featuring ML. Perdigao Abrantes, F. Samoura, M. Diouf, NA. Bathily, L. Bouamatou & P. Nzolantima with one objective: highlighting the success of female leaders! 

A wide range of topics

In total, some twenty sectorial working sections were designed to foster debate and exchanges on value-creation themes and to facilitate contacts in the business sectors that are key to African growth. Held in an interactive manner, these sessions enabled attendees to make the most of partnerships that are structural for Africa.

Highlight of the forum:
Sport Business’s representation

A working session was dedicated to the key players of the sport business ecosystem, of which many attended this first Choiseul Africa Business Forum. Mr. Ahmad Ahmad, Chairman of the CAF and accompanied by his special advisor M. Samuel Eto’o, spoke during the closing ceremony.

An exclusive preview of the
Choiseul 100 Africa 2019

The Choiseul Africa Business Forum also enabled us to present the sixth edition of our traditional annual Choiseul 100 Africa ranking. This was the opportunity to congratulate Kabiru Rabiu, Managing Director of BUA Group, new n.1 of the ranking.

Algeria in force at the first
Choiseul Africa Business Forum

An important delegation of Algerian business leaders attended the Choiseul Africa Business Forum, led by Sami Agli, new Chairman of the Algerian Forum of the Chiefs of Enterprises (FCE) and CEO of AGLI group.

Presentation of our newest study:
the Choiseul Africa Ecobarometer

Designed by the Institut Choiseul, the Choiseul Africa Ecobarometer aims to give a full account of the economic dynamics at work in Africa and depict the way the continent is perceived by the international investors who work closest to the financial issues at stake.

The benefits of a club at the service
of efficient networking

The very essence of the Choiseul spirit, our guests were able to create and build new opportunities through numerous meetings in between the working sessions organized throughout this forum.

Informal exchanges in a unique setting

Located in the heart of the French Riviera, Nice is the ideal place to make both sides of the Mediterranean meet. In that regard, the splendid Villa Massena provided a perfect backdrop for the forum’s gala evening.